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MahaChem was established in 1975, importing raw materials for the Paint Industry. Over the years, MahaChem has grown from a one-man operation to a chemicals solutions corporation with a workforce of over 100 in Asia.

MahaChem is today one of the foremost brand name in the Chemicals Distribution Industry with an innovative value proposition - a wide-ranging chemicals solutions provider with a deep understanding of customers' needs across a broad industries base.

MahaChem transforms the basic matter of chemicals into substance of Quality composition, level of Reliable Service Support, and Maha (means Great) Customer Relationships.

  Product List (A~Z)  
Agro Air
Automation Bonding
Building Care
Energy Food
Ink & Imaging Lube
Metal Paint & Coating
Plastic Rubber
Textiles Water
Surface Technology
Imaging (Ink) - Coating (Paint) - Bonding - Building  
We have developed Surface Technology into our core business. In this aspect, we provide a number of solutions for various applications. For instances, we supply coating resins for substrate protection, organic pigments for colour printing, latices for water-proofing and tackifiers for packaging adhesion.
Engineering Materials
Plastic - Rubber - Metal - Lube
Our next significant business is in the area of Engineering Materials. In this business unit, we provide raw materials and lubricants that would help improve safety and ease of use to the Plastic, Rubber, Metal and Composite industries.
Living Science
Care - Food - Texture - Agro
As the name of the business unit suggests, our Living Science businesses strive to enhance everyday lives through engagement with our customers in the healthcare and personal care industries. Besides, health and hygiene, food is also essential to our lives. And from agriculture, comes our food. In this business unit, we also serve customers involved in the agriculture and food industries with newer and better solutions.
Eco Solutions
Automation - Air - Water - Energy
We are committed to invest into new resources that can help contribute towards mankind's effort in the preservation of our environment. These newer areas where our products are applied stretch from reducing greenhouse gases to industrial water treatment to bio-fuels development.
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