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As a leading specialty chemicals supplier and distributor, Maha provides high quality chemical ingredient products to living organisms especially for human daily use in various aspects of life such as home and personal care, health, food and many more.

Through a scientific study of life and nature, Living Sciences is a branch of science that involves living organisms, presenting us wonderous things of what science can do for a better life.


Bringing to you sustainable personal and home care solutions

Maha works with many brands globally to offer a diverse portfolio of personal and home care ingredients. We have the ability to present customers with the most current product offerings in the skin care, hair care, oral care, sun care, make-up, toiletries and home care fields. Our solutions include surfactants, actives, moisturisers, conditioners, emollients, emulsifiers, rheology modifiers, preservatives, and more.


Customised Natural Extracts, Amino Acid Surfactants (e.g. Glutamate, Glycinate), Alkyl Polyglucosides (e.g. Coco Glucoside, Lauryl Glucoside)


Healthier choice, healthier life

Maha offers various ingredients and additives covering most applications in the global food and beverage industry. We are dedicated in providing high quality commodities and ingredients that are safe yet proven to be effective. Be assured that the functional ingredients that we carry have been clinically tested and certified by our suppliers.


Vitamins, Amino Acids, Fish Oils, Sugar & Sweetners, Natural Extracts, Minerals


Reliable and quality ingredients for safe pharmaceuticals

Maha partners with reputable suppliers that are reliable and have excellent relationships with regulatory bodies in all parts of the world. We carry a broad range of products inclusive of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and excipients. We recognise that high-quality ingredients are essential for the production of safe pharmaceuticals. Hence, we are careful in selecting the suppliers that we work with. Be confident that all products are from trusted providers, complying with industry standards and regulatory requirements.


Pre-blended Coating Mix, Lactose, Excipients


Effective solutions for your agricultural business

Maha offers various additives to fertilizer and pesticide manufacturers such as anti-caking agent, granulating aids, and colorants. We also serve agrochemical formulators by offering surfactants, emulsifiers, adjuvants, defoamer, green solvents and adjuvants etc. We have the expertise to advise you on suitable chemicals that meets your demands based on factors such as anti-drift effect affected by droplet size, stickiness, spreadability and penetration.


APG Based Adjuvants, APG and CAPB Based Surfactants, Super Spreader and Super Penetrant


Conquer problems faced during water treatment

Maha provides innovative and effective solutions for the water treatment industry. Our solutions range from anti-scalants, biocides and disinfectants to oil removals such as coagulants and flocculants. Some of our partners are Bozzetto, CDI and Biomicrogels. 


Anti-scalants for pre-water treatment, Nitrogen and Oil removal for waste water treatment


Formulation Design & Development

We are able to support you in providing advice on the right ingredients to use and step by step procedure in formulating your ideas into finished products.

Prototype Generation

By understanding the characteristics and specification of the finished product required, our chemist can help you to develop a few prototypes for your evaluation.

Technical & Regulatory Support

We provide technical support, either by conducting seminars and trainings in our customer’s or Maha’s labs, or even production scale up support to our customers. Our team and principals are constantly updated on regulatory changes.

Product Testing

Our team of technical experts can assist you in testing the product that your organisation has come out with. We can utilize our own labs to do quality testing and accelerated physical stability testing. We can also work with external labs to provide Microbial Challenge Testing as well as SPF Testing.

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