Everything About Surfaces

As a leading specialty chemicals supplier and distributor, Maha has long term partnerships with reputable multinational business partners in surface technology industry over decades.

We strive to serve anything that relates to surface by providing you treatments to prolong the working life of your components such as protections from environmental factors, decorations and solutions for all of your surface matters.


Stay competitive with high quality, low-cost raw materials for your coating applications

Maha is a leading supplier of a wide range of raw materials for a variety of coatings applications. Our selection of raw materials helps to drives technology and innovation for your business, staying competitive with high quality, low-cost alternatives.

Architectural Coating

Metal Coating

Wood Coating

Floor Coating

Vehicie Refinish

Road Marking Paint

Protective & Marine Coating

Powder Coating


Get sustainable and unique materials for your printing applications

Maha provides a wide range of products to printing ink industry for gravure, flexographic, offset, overprint varnish and silkscreen inks. Products are inclusive of pigments, fillers, resins, dispersants, defoamers, rheology modifiers, wax and biocides.


Everything you need to get your construction done

Maha supplies a wide range of products for use in admixtures, dry mortar, construction adhesives, epoxy/polyurethane flooring etc. The products inclusive of water reducers, set retarders, cure accelerators, air entrainers, defoamers, dispersants, binders, fillers and hardeners etc.


Strong, quality products for your adhesive applications
Maha supplies a wide range of products for use in woodworking adhesives, paper and converting adhesives, tobacco glue, lamination adhesives and moisture curing polyurethane textile adhesives. The products inclusive of VAE emulsions, tackifiers and waxes etc.


Wide range of finishing products for your construction needs

Maha has expanded into a wide product range in the finishing and construction sector such as industrial flooring, IBS, precast concrete, ready-mix concrete, waterproofing concrete, ceramics and etc.

Formulation Services

Development of New Formulations

Using our own labs, we are able to drill down on the different specifications and features requested by the customer and derive the formulation that fits.

Optimisation & Enhancement

If you have an existing formulation that is not giving you the expected results, our in-house technical experts can tap on their knowledge and skills to help achieve improved performance and reduced cost.

Material Replacement

If you are looking for replacements for raw materials that you are currently using in your formulation, we can utilize our expertise to suggest viable replacements for your use.

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