Empowering the Best of You

Maha provides a one-stop solution from machinery for lab testing or process automation to digital solutions and testing services.

We offer comprehensive solutions through our extensive range of machines and equipment to serve industrial needs. We also have innovative solutions that can bring more value to your business.


One-stop solution for your lab equipment & analytical instrument needs

We carry a non-exhaustive range of lab equipment, analytical instrument and labware. Maha ensures that all these are suitable for Testing, Research and Development (R&D), Quality Assurance (QA) or Quality Control (QC) in an institution laboratory, industrial laboratory, and testing service laboratory. Besides supplying lab equipment, we offer a wide range of value-added and after-sales services for your laboratory site.


Installation and commissioning, technical information advisory, calibration and preventive maintenance package, diagnosis, troubleshooting and repair


Increase your process & manufacturing efficiency with additive manufacturing

Maha offers a comprehensive range of additive manufacturing and 3D printing technologies and solutions that can potentially help solve your challenges, increase revenue streams and save you thousands of dollars.

Additive Manufacturing gives you the agility to reiterate new designs quickly, rethink design performance and spot product flaws at an early stage so you can launch new products with swiftness and confidence.

With the support of our experienced team, we can help you develop the tailored solution your company needs. We help companies choose the best suited Additive Manufacturing technology to take manufacturing to the next level.


3D printing, preventive maintenance, partnerships with academic and research institutes


Stay ahead with industry 4.0 manufacturing & lab technology solutions

As we progress towards Industry 4.0, Maha continuously seek for ways to innovate and improve the efficiency of manufacturing and laboratory operations to stay relevant and stay ahead of the curve. Let us support you on the journey towards digitalization and business sustainability!


Remote monitoring and data reporting, Industrial software solutions with data tracking capabilities, Integration with existing manufacturing processes & operations

Turnkey Projects

Turnkey solutions and equipment customisation for your business expansion

Stepping into a new industry or seeking for business expansion opportunities? Maha would like to be part of your milestone. With our technical knowledge and engineering capabilities, we seek to be the one-stop turnkey solutions provider for all your equipment and process needs.


Turnkey laboratory setup solutions and laboratory furniture, process plant setup projects and improvement, equipment customisation for laboratory and process plant


After sales services, equipment training and consultancy services for industrial and laboratory solutions
Here at Maha, we believe not just in post-sales services but also continuous learning and upskilling. With our wide range of technical capabilities and industry knowledge, we are more than happy to provide equipment training and process consultancy services with industrial partners to help evaluate existing processes, kick start a new process or regular upskilling for your employees.


After sales services (installation, preventive maintenance, service repair, calibration), product and equipment training, process training, consultancy services for process plant, laboratory workflows and industrial manufacturing

Looking to setup a lab or improve your manufacturing process?