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If you happen to be in Singapore’s city area from 20-Mar-21 to 22-Mar-21, you will see that the skyline has turned into a sea of blue. As part of the national water agency PUB’s City Turns Blue Initiative (an initiative to commemorate World Water Day), a record of 44 landmarks and buildings, such as Gardens by the Bay and the Singapore Flyer, were lit up in blue in the evenings. This initiative started since 2014, demonstrating our commitment to water sustainability.

Figure 1 Gardens by the Bay lit up in blue to mark World Water Day

Water sustainability is a global mega trend. Maha Chemicals is proud to present our partner, Sino Lion, on their latest water smart soap bar formulation. Sino Lion uses amino acid surfactant technologies in its formulation to achieve superior performance and sensory attributes.

Figure 2 Water Smart Soap Bar With Amino Acid Surfactants
Figure 3 Sino Lion Technology Works for Water Smart Soap Bars

Sino Lion unique amino acid surfactant technologies improve tolerance of poor water quality, reduce soap scum and water usage in the Total Product Life Cycle. The water smart soap bar offers easy and quick rinse-off in poor water quality and save water for consumers.

Do contact us to know more about water smart soap bar formulation using amino acid surfactant technologies.

If you are curious about how amino acid surfactant is being manufactured, click here to find out more!

 8 Activities To Celebrate World Water Day 2021 In Singapore, Carissa Soh, 18-Mar-21