With our years of knowledge and expertise, we are able to
develop strategic market insights and new product innovations
to achieve high-performance specialty chemicals with our
partners. Our regional network gives us the advantage to
access several markets to provide sustainable and unique raw

Besides supplying a wide range of raw materials choices for
your coating needs, Maha also offers comprehensive end-to-
end services.

Interested in any of our services?

Technical Support

  • Assisting in new formulation development and optimization of existing formulation to enhance performance and achieve cost reductions for your business
  • Support in raw materials replacement with our extensive knowledge and range of materials supplied
  • Troubleshooting of painting problems with our professionals with years of experience and expertise

Product Sourcing

  • Continuous effort in sourcing for new products and materials to support innovation and sustainability efforts

Efficient Logistics Support

  • With our regional reach, Maha also offers logistical support through low cost shipment options with shorter lead times to warehousing support as well



Together with Maha, Celanese supplies water based VAE emulsions for woodworking adhesives, paper and converting adhesives, tobacco glue and lamination adhesives.

As our partner, MORCHEM supplies moisture curing polyurethane adhesives for the joint of substrates such as textiles, leather, clothes with reverse PVC, aluminum paper laminates, plastics and expanded rigid foams (PU, PS), flexible foam, etc.

DASH is a firm of young professional construction finishing application services and installs the highest quality and most environmentally safe products.
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We are constantly developing and innovating new ways to better serve your needs!

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