One-stop Solutions for your Lab Equipment & Analytical Instrument Needs

Beyond distributing chemicals, Maha aims to be the one-stop solution for your business. We offer a wide variety of lab equipment and analytical instruments to suit your every need, supporting a more streamlined procurement process for your company.

Our key services include:

Extensive Laboratory Equipment and Analytical Instruments

lab equipment and analytical instruments

Installation and Commissioning Services

installation and commissioning services

Value-added Services

value added services

1. Extensive Laboratory Equipment and Analytical Instruments

To better cater to your business, we carry a non-exhaustive range of lab equipment, analytical instrument and labware, suitable for testing, R&D, QA or QC in institution laboratory, industrial laboratory and testing service laboratory.

Some of the common lab essentials, labware and consumables we provide include:

  • Ovens
  • Balances
  • pH Meters
  • Mixers or Dispersers
  • Viscometers
  • Hot Plates
  • Beakers
  • Pipettes
  • Droppers
  • Gloves
  • Test Tube
  • Flasks
  • Reagent Bottles

We believe in providing products of topmost quality and rigorously source for the most suitable and reliable quality products to match your requirements.

2. Installation and Commissioning Services

Save the hassle of contacting different parties for your business necessities with Maha today!

Besides supplying lab equipment, Maha offers a comprehensive service for installation and commissioning services for your laboratory site as well.

3. Value-added Services

We believe in building a strong business relationship with all our partners and always aim to achieve utmost customer satisfaction that differentiates us from other suppliers.

Not only do we supply products, but we also provide after-sales services such as:

  • Technical Information and Advisory
  • Calibration and Preventive Maintenance Package
  • Diagnosis, Troubleshooting and Repair

We are constantly developing and innovating new ways to better serve your needs! Check out our product portfolio.

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