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Freeformer 3D Printer

Introducing the newest 3D printing technology - ARBURG Plastic Freeforming (APF). With an open source feed, you can efficiently produce individual parts and small batches from your own materials, but also individualise mass-produced items.


Novel stabilised Vitamin C derivatives.

TroyCare EPP 37

Multifunctional preservative for "Preservative Free" Claim.

TroyCare EPP 19

Multifunctional preservative for "Preservative Free" Claim.

Troy Care LSB 3

Innovative natural broad spectrum preservative at affordable cost. Phenoxyethanol free. Effective up to pH 6.5

Troy Care LSB 2

Innovative natural broad spectrum preservative at affordable cost. Effective up to pH 6.5

Super Moisturising Max

Ultimate moisturising effect from super moisturizer complex.

Lifting Core

Patented total anti-aging peptide solution with antioxidant, anti-wrinkle, skin regeneration, moisturising function.

Secret Water

Natural oriental total anti-aging solution secret from 10 herbs.

Centella Asiatica

Centella asiatica extract for soothing inflammation.

CICA Complex Extract

Centella asiatica and Madecassoside complex for soothing inflammation and wound healing.


Natural solution for acne through sebum reduction, P.acne inhibition and anti-inflammation.

APEP Actigrowth-10

Effective hair growth peptide for Alopecic hair loss.


Effective non-invasive Botox-like peptide for anti-wrinkle.

Tranexell V10

Patented whitening peptide cocktails with anti-oxidation and anti-photoaging.

Finexell T11

Patented anti-aging peptides cocktail with excellent wrinkle improvement.

Marine Collagen

Natural skin firming agent in extracellular space.

Polymerium T

Preneutralised rheology modifier which does not leave stickiness.

Biotics T

Moisturizing preservative system for skin care product and facial mask.

Hyaluronate AZ05

Total solution for mositusisation, fill up different skin layers with moisture.

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