Reinforcing carbon black conforming to ASTM N339 target values. It has been introduced to improve some of the rubber performance characteristics of the already exisiting ASTM N330 and N347 carbon blacks.

Used In

  • Tires: Treads of passenger and truck tires
  • Truck tire re-treads
  • Industrial Rubber Products: Solid tires
    Hose covers
    Conveyor belts


VULCAN M carbon black gives better tread wear resistance to rubber than ASTM N326, N330, N375 and N347 carbon blacks. The product has a high structure, which gives it easy dispersion properties, and it gives moderately high modulus while imparting excellent extrusion characteristics to rubber compounds.

Typical Properties

Iodine adsorption number,mg/kg 90
Oil absorption number (OAN),ml/100g 120
OAN after crushing (COAN),ml/100g 100
Tinting strength,% 110
STSA surface area,m2/g 87