Specialty carbon black offers high levels of ultraviolet (UV) protection to protect against polymer degradation in plastics applications.

Used In

  • Telecom jacketing, including those where maximum particle size and coefficient of absorption (COA) levels are specified
  • Power cable jacketing
  • Agricultural film
  • Other thin film applications where surface smoothness is critical


VULCAN 9A32 specialty carbon black provides excellent protection against UV degradation of polymers and is particularly suited for applications requiring high levels of chemical and physical cleanliness with low sulfur and grit levels. These features enable end-users to extrude parts with higher quality finishes.

Typical Properties

Iodine number (mg/g) 142
OAN (cc/100g) 118
Tint (%) 116
325 Mesh residue (ppm) <30
Density (kg/m3) 352