Titanium dioxide white pigment which surface treated with zirconium and aluminium compunds. It has good whiteness, gloss, hiding power, good dispersibility and excellent weathering resistance.

Used In

Designed for applications where there is a requirement of high durability and chalking resistance. Recommended for coatings, ink and plastic applications.


  • TiO2 for general purpose applications

Typical Properties

Appearance White Powder
Tio2 Content % ≥ 94.0 %
Rutile Content % ≥ 98.0 %
Brightness(CIE L*) ≥ 98.5 %
D50 0.29 μm
pH Value 6.0-9.0
Oil Absorption Value
21 g/100 g
Particle Size (45μm residue) ≤0.10 %