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Oil-free polyester developed for quality finishes for metal decorating, coil coating and collapsible tube applications.
Outstanding features include good flexibility and forming properties, good adhesion and good performance for low bake system.

Used In

For metal decorating and coil coating applications.
SYNOLAC 810AG should be used with a suitable methylated melamine resin in the ratio of 80:20 to 85:15 based on solid resins.


  • Excellent flexiblity
  • Good adhesion

Typical Properties

Storage stored under shelter in the original containers at temperature not exceeding 35°C. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.
Life Span 12 months
Color Gardner Max 4
Density 1.05 g/cm³
Hydroxyl Content, % 0.79
Solids, by weight, % 59 – 61
Gardner Holdt Z4 – Z5+
Volatile Solvesso 150/Butyl Glycol
Acid Value (mgKOH/g) Max 10

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