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SpectraTrend HT reflects almost 60 years of color measurement innovation in one easy-to-use, compact continuous online non-contact color and height measurement.

Used In

  • On-line systems provide continuous, real-time measurement of your product on a process line. This allows you to respond to product color changes when they happen, as they happen. HunterLab on-line instruments make real-time color measurements of your product, without contact or intrusion, as it is being produced. Our on the production line spectrophotometers are also sometimes referred to as at-line, in-line and near-line spectrophotometers. From the beginning to end, production runs can be continuously monitored to identify color variation and out-of-spec product. This information helps you make permanent process improvements, while providing assurance that your product is within specification and allowing you to make shipment and allocation decisions.


1. On-Line 10nm Spectrophotometer
2. Measures web, bulk, and individual product
3. Configurable real time data display
4. Design for harsh production environments
5. Precise continuous and simultaneous height – color measurement
6. Easy integration into plant control networks, or standalone operation