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Crosslinked styrene acrylic emulsion for water based inks

Used In

  • Overprint varnishes for rub resistance and hard film forming coating
  • Paper coating and let down vehicle for inks
  • Inks with good adhesion for Al foil


  • High gloss, clear and transparent
  • Excellent rub resistance
  • Good water resistance
  • Excellent transfer and printability
  • Good compatibility with Soluryl solid resins and emulsions
  • Newtonian-like flow behavior

Typical Properties

Appearance Translucent emulsion
Total Solids, wt% 48.5
Volatile Water
Neutralizing agent Ammonia
Molecular Weight >200,000
Acid Number, mg KOH/g 25
Tg, °C 27
Viscosity, cps 1,200
Density, g/ml 1.05
pH, 25 °C 8.5
Freeze/Thaw Stability 5 cycles