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Cyclic corrosion chambers that provide the best possible laboratory simulation of natural atmospheric corrosion.

Used In

  • Perform traditional salt spray, Prohesion, and most cyclic automotive tests.
  • Fully-adjustable relative humidity and precise control over ramp times.
  • An optional shower function is also available.
  • Available in two sizes (600L and 1100L) to fulfill a wide range of testing requirements.
  • Q-FOG Model :
    1. Q-FOG SSP for Prohesion or Conventional Salt Spray Test
    2. Q-FOG CCT for Research and Cyclic Automotive Tests with 100% Humidity
    3. Q-FOG CRH for Research and Cyclic Automotive Tests with Variable Relative Humidity (RH) Control


Q-Fogs Features:
1. Salt fog
2. Dry-off
3. Dwell
4. Relative humidity control 5. Shower Functions
6. Precise Control of Fog Dispersion
7. Fast Cycling and temperature changes


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