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Formaldehyde-free, pH-stable, liquid preservative designed to inhibit the growth of bacteria in aqueous systems.
The product is highly stable and compatible with most water-based systems.

Used In

Liquid product easily incorporated into waterborne systems.
It can be applied to paints, stuccos, adhesives, joint cements, mineral & pigment slurries, starch solutions, ins, textile auxiliaries, and sealants.
It is also effective in inks, polymer emulsions, rheology modifiers, and wax emulsions.
Further, Nuosept 491 has shown excellent efficacy when used in metal working fluids (MWF).


  • Formaldehyde free
  • pH stable

Typical Properties

Life Span 24 months
Appearance Slightly yellow to amber liquid
pH value ~12
Specific Gravity ~1.2