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NIPAR S-10 is a HAP-free, commercial-grade 1-nitropropane.

Used In

  • NIPAR S-10 can be used as a thinner and solvent for cellulose compounds and lacquers
  • in vinyl resins for industrial coatings and printing inks
  • in synthetic finish removers
  • and for oil and spirit-soluble dyes of molded plastics.


NIPAR S-10 has low MIR value, it can be used as a solvent in aerosol paints, enabling the reformulation of solvent blends to achieve a lower overall MIR value for the finished formulation.

Typical Properties

1-Nitropropane content, % by wt >98.5
Total nitroparaffin content, % by wt >99.0
Color, APHA 50 max
Density of vapors (air = 1) (calcd.) 3.06
Specific gravity 25°C 0.998
Viscosity @ 20°C/68°F, cp 0.84
Flash point, Tag Open Cup 40°C/104°F
Evaporation rate, by vol (n-butyl acetate = 100) 88