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MELCROSS-03 crosslinking agent is a commercial grade of Hexamethoxymethylmelamine(HMMM) which supplied in liquid form.
It is a versatile crosslinking agent for a wide range of polymeric materials, both organo-soluble and water-borne.

Used In

The polymeric materials should contain either hydroxyl or amide groups.
The reaction of MELCROSS-03 with hydroxyl, carboxyl and amide functionalities on other polymers is typically catalyzed with strong acid because of its high extent of alkylation.
The polymeric materials would include alkyds, polyesters, acrylic, epoxy, urethane, and cellulosics.


  • HMMM cross-linker for can and coil coating
  • Similar to Cymel 303

Typical Properties

Appearance Clear, viscous liquid
Color Index 1 Max.
Solids, by weight, % 98 Min.
Viscosity (mPa·s) 1400 – 5000 (Cone & Plate)
Specific Gravity 1.2
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