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Luxewax TC04-P powder is a medium-molecular weight, non-polar polyethylene wax for plastics and rubber applications.

Used In

  • Internal lubricant for polyolefin
  • Flow improvement of PE compounds and masterbatch
  • Release agent for elastomers and rubber applications
  • External lubricant for rigid PVC
  • Anti-sticking properties to the PVC melt
  • Dispersing agent for PE masterbatch
  • Wax compound in printing inks


  • Excellent anti-sticking properties
  • Improved flow of polyolefin compounds
  • Provides excellent organoleptic properties
  • Brilliant dispersing properties for pigments, fillers and additives
  • Thermal stability and colour stability in polymer compounding
  • Excellent rub and scratch resistance properties
  • Effective gloss agent in compounding

Typical Properties

Appearance White powder (QM-AA-634)
Softening point [°C] 107 – 110 (ASTM D 3954)
Viscosity [cPs] 350-450 (ASTM D3236 at 140°C)
Density (23°C) [g/cm³] 0.92 (ASTM D1505)
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