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High purity zinc stearates used in plastic industry as a lubricant, release agent. Functions as acid scavenger in certain polyolefins.

Used In

  • 1.With new innovative SMART features like Auto Height Positioning, a rotating sample platform providing the largest sample area measurement in the world, large touch-screen display, and smart communications, the innovative Aeros is the best way for you to measure the color of irregularly shaped/textured product samples.
  • 2. Products like coffee beans, snack foods, plastic pellets, even industrial minerals are a snap for Aeros to measure.
  • 3. Combining patent pending non-contact measurement methodology with auto height positioning, a rotating sample platform, and EasyMatch Essentials®-our exclusive on-board color quality control software that offers all the color indices and metrics you need-Aeros is the complete smart color measurement system.


  • 1. Designed for heavily textured, non-uniform samples
  • 2. Auto-height-positionable and no-contact sensor
  • 3. Industry’s largest, rotating sample platform
  • 4. 5 seconds, 35 measurements, 27.5 square inches of sample measured
  • 5. Industrial touchscreen with modern user interface
  • 6. Built in USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Email data communication