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Haze Meter CS-720

An instrument to measure clarity, color, haze, spectral transmittance and total transmittance measurement of a sample surface.

Used In

  • It is designed for for clarity, color, haze, spectral transmittance and total transmittance measurement of transparent and translucent materials such as plastic sheets, films, glass, LCD panel and touch screen,etc.


  • 1. Different measurement parameters and professional clarity measurement function- The clarity and haze meter CS-720 not only can measure haze, transmittance, and transmission color, but also provides professional clarity measurement function, suitable for applications in high-definition films, display glass and other fields.
  • 2. Comprehensive Transmission Color Parameters- Clarity and haze meter CS-720 has comprehensive color parameters, which can measure dozens of color parameters such as Lab, yellowness index, whiteness index, Gardner, Pt-Co / APHA / Hazen colors
  • 3. Comply with ASTM and ISO standards- The clarity and haze meter CS-720 complies with both ASTM and ISO measurement standards. It can meet the following measurement standards ASTM D1003 / D1044, ISO13468 / ISO14782, JIS K7105, JIS K7361, JIS K7163 and other international standards.
  • 4. Different Light Sources for Different Measurement Requirements- Clarity and haze meter CS-720 provides A, C and D65 measurement light source selection, and 24 types of measurement light source for color measurement.
  • 5. Compensation Measurement to Make Test Result More Accurate- It can realize the compensation measurement of transmittance and provide more accurate transmittance test results.
  • 6. Haze QC software as Standard Accessory- Provide powerful haze, color, and transmittance measurement and analysis software, which can operate on a computer to generate and print test reports.
  • 7. Seven-inch Android Touch Screen for Better Testing Experience- Android operate system and touch screen for more convenient operation and better user experience.
  • 8. Open Sample Measurement Area, Sample can be Measured Horizontally or Vertically- Open sample measurement area, which is no limit on sample size, you can perform horizontal or vertical measurement according to different samples.
  • 9. Abundant Measurement Fixtures, Meet the measurement needs of different forms of sheet and liquid samples Soft and Tough Film Fixture Liquid Fixture
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