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Premium grade versatile resin finding its application in printing ink, coating, and fiber processing and film ingredient.
Soluble in toluene and xylene while its good solvent release property enables application on high speed gravure printing.
It offers good weather, chemical, oil, ozone and flame resistance properties.

Used In

  • Additive in high quality printing ink to increase dispersion, homogeneity and stability
  • Fiber processing
  • BOPP coating
  • Composite ingredient of PE/PP film
  • Produce tube, wire/cables insulation and shoes due to its rubber like elasticity


  • Good solvent release property

Typical Properties

Storage stored in a dry and ventialted place with normal temperature
cannot be squeezed by heavy objects to avoid stick together
needs to be moisture and heat proofing and should not be stored and transported with other products
Appearance Pale yellow blocky solid
pH value 4.0 – 7.0
Viscosity (mPa·s) 200 – 500

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