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ENCOR 2750

Versatile pure acrylic latex offering excellent dirt pick-up and wet scrub resistances in paint formulations.
Formulated without alkylphenolethoxylates, formaldehyde or formaldehyde donors.

Used In

Recommended for matt to closs exterior finishes that are characterized by good gloss and blocking resistance.


  • High Tg
  • Excellent dirt resistance
  • High durability

Typical Properties

Storage Use corrosion-resistant storage tanks and piping. Air-operated diaphragm pumps are preferred. Avoid temperature extremes. Do not freeze store between 5-35°C.
Life Span 6 months
Density 8.0 – 9.0 g/cm³
Tg, °C 35
MFFT, °C 33
Solids, by weight, % 49 – 51
Viscosity (mPa·s) Max 200
Particle Size 0.13 µm
Specific Gravity ~1.06
Stabilizing System Anionic/Non-ionic

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