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High purity zinc stearates used in plastic industry as a lubricant, release agent. Functions as acid scavenger in certain polyolefins.

Used In

  • Self-levelling floor compounds


  • Replacement of superplasticizers and redispersible polymer powders
  • Alternative for casein
  • Strong fluidification at a much lower dosage than with conventional superplasticizers
  • Short mixing time and long workability time
  • Minimum retardation of cement hydration
  • Raw material and logistic cost savings

Typical Properties

Composition Polymers based on vinyl acetate, ethylene and vinyl versatate
Appearance Free-flowing yellowish powder
Bulk Density 500 –700 g/l
Residual Moisture < 2.0%
pH-Value 4.5 – 6.5 (as 10% solution in water)