Matting agent, organic treated.

Used In

Used in wood lacquer, nitrocellulose coatings, alkyd urea coatings and water based varnishes.


  • High matting efficiency

Typical Properties

Storage Stored in a dry enivronment away from chemical vapours to maintain its properties.
Appearance White powder
pH value 6.0 – 7.0
Particle Size 6.0 – 7.0 µm

Related Products

SYNOLAC S63EHV70Extra high viscosity long oil oxidising alkyd developed for use in all decorative paints and varnishes.
Excellent drying, durability, good colour and gloss retention are particular characteristics of this resin.
TROYMAX ANTISKIN BAnti-skinning agent for catalyzed, auto-oxidative drying coatings.
NEWTONE BP-508Organic clay (modified montmorillonite) designed for use in solvent-based system from low to middle polarity (mainly for arene).