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CS-580/600/610/650/660 Portable Spectrophotometer

High purity zinc stearates used in plastic industry as a lubricant, release agent. Functions as acid scavenger in certain polyolefins.

Used In

  • Can be used for most industries such as painting,textile, plastic, food,building material,etc.
  • d/8 (diffused illumination, 8 degree viewing).
  • Simultaneous measurement of SCI (specular component included)/SCE (specular component excluded).
  • Conform to CIE No.15, ISO 7724/1, ASTM E1164, DIN 5033 Tei17, JIS Z8722 Condition C standards.


  • SCS optical engine- Adopt innovative light splitting system SCS optical engine which creates the best measurement repeatability and accuracy
  • Adopt CLEDs light source- spectrally balanced LED light source-LED light source has balanced intensity across visible spectrum avoids the spectral deficiency in certain parts of the spectrum in common white LEDs
  • Camera to see the measurement area- includes a camera for the user to clearly see the measurement area to avoid measurement errors
  • Pantone color number matching- With build-in pantone color swatches to select three similar colors for improved working efficiency.
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