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Proprietary amide-modified hydrogenated castor oil rheology modifier in micronised powder form with an enhanced tolerance to teperature and solvent strength.

Used In

  • Solvent-based coating applications as well as a multitude of other applications such as inks, adhesives, mastics, caulks, sealants, fillers, greases and lubricants.


  • Imparts shear thinning rheology with thixotropic
  • Viscosity recovery
  • Tolerant to high temperature
  • Tolerant of strong solvents
  • Very good sag resistance
  • Good anti-settle properties
  • Good recoatability

Typical Properties

Storage Stored in the original containers in a dry place at temperatures between 5°C and 30°C. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight or frost.
Life Span 48 months
Appearance Off white powder
Density 1.02

Melting Point, °C 130 – 140
Particle Size DV.2 Min 4 µm
DV.8 Max 20 µm

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