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Corob- FIRST1-TX

Economical, robust, affordable and fully automatic turntable dispenser for manual tinting a thing of the past.

Used In

  • It is the perfect replacement or addition to your current manual dispenser. Suitable for use with water-based or universal colorants, it improves customer satisfaction by providing precise and repeatable on demand tinted paint orders.
  • The overall height of the machine simplifies colorant refilling and makes access to the controls easier. A long-lasting 0,05cc bellow pump delivers a dispensing flow rate of 0,2 liter/min.


  • BUDGET FRIENDLY-Economical, smart and easy to use.
  • COMPONENTS +PERFORMANCE-Install and maintain in few steps, even by the operator.
  • BEST SELLER-Fully automatic turntable dispenser.
    Innovative nozzle design.
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