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Corob-CLEVERmix 20

A gyroscopic manual mixer with compact dimensions, limited footprint and suitable for every type of dispensers used.

Used In

  • The manual clamping system is extremely safe to work with and requires very little forces to operate it. The automatic repositioning of the clamping plates at the end of the mixing cycle eliminates unnecessary operations, a simple unclamping step is all the operator needs to take to remove the paint can directly.
  • The sturdy metal parts for the most sensitive areas in the moving mechanics ensure continuous work with a minimum of intervention. The ST version addresses the most basic needs while the PR version, with the incorporated display and keyboard, allows operators to choose the time and cycle according to their needs.


  • COMPACT FOOTPRINT-Fit in any shop, optimizing your space.
  • SMART-Smooth operation even at maximum load and mixing speed.
  • ROBUST-Strong and highly reliable in constitution.
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