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A solvent and Alkyl Phenol Ethoxylate (APE) free polyurethane thickener designed for all types of water based formulations, especially the solvent free formulations.

Used In

  • Can be used solely or in combination either with other polyurethane thickeners or with other types of rheology modifiers such as acrylic or cellulosic thickeners in water based coatings.


Increases viscosity at medium and high shear rates, improve film build, levelling and brush drag. It also prevents settling and sagging in low PVC formulations.

Typical Properties

Nature Water soluble non ionic polyurethane
Appearance (20°C) Whitish liquid
Active content (%) 30
Solvent Water,VOC free
pH (25°C) 6.5
Specific gravity (20°C) 1.06
Brookfield viscosity (100 rpm, 25°C) About 6 000 mPa.s