High purity daylight fluorescence pigment of difference colors, good thermal stability between 120 - 250°C

Used In

  • LDPE
  • HDPE
  • PP


  • Easy to handle and use: Improved moisture resistance to prevent agglomeration
  • Clearer, brighter and stronger shades: New proprietary polyester based chemistry to
    deliver bright & beautiful colors
  • Faster processing and clean up: Excellent dispersion and substantially reduced plate out to ensure ease of processing and color change over
  • Better Thermal stability: Wide processing range from 120°C to 250°C with minimal color change, including DIN EN 12877-2 standard compliance up to 240°C
  • Enhanced color consistency and surface finish quality of articles: New proprietary chemistry to deliver best end product results

Typical Properties

Average Particle size Fine powder
Melting Point 90°C -110°C
Decomposition point 290°C
Min. Processing Temp 120°C
Max. recommended processing temperature (For short dwell times) 250°C
Chemical Nature Formaldehyde free thermoplastic polyester resin