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Copolymer dispersion of vinyl acetate and ethylene for adhesives.

Used In

  • It is used for compounding flooring and lamination adhesives to bond PVC, linoleum, cork and textile based carpets to different backings. It is also used in paper and packaging adhesives as well as pressure sensitive adhesives.


  • High cohesive strength even at high temperatures
  • High creep resistance
  • Dried polymer films exhibit reasonable ageing and UV stability as well as good water and alkali resistance.

Typical Properties

Solid content 59-61%
Brookfield viscosity (25 °C 4/20) 2000-10000 mPas
pH value 4.5-6.5
Minimum film forming temperature 0°C
Glass transition temperature Approx.-26 °C
Appearance of polymer film Clear, soft and very tacky