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BGD 740 High speed dispersing machine

Dispersing and mixing liquid-solid material.

Used In

  • With adjustable speed for stirring, dissolution and dispersion of coating, paint, ink ,dyestuff, cosmetic goods, foodstuff, resin, adhesive, latex, medicine and petroleum.


  • Some models are with Siemens squirrel-cage motor of frequency control and use frequency converter to adjust working speed.
  • Direct digits display axis revolution through display screen of frequency converter installed on the machine.
  • No carbon brush, no produce any flame when working.
  • Lower noise, bigger torque and wider adjustable speed.
  • Main parts are all made up of stainless steel with perfect corrosion resistance.
  • Standard confirguration: Two or four different dispersing baldes and can select different size sand-milling blades and stainless steel double jacket container for milling.
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