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BGD 528 Multifunction Abrasion Scrub Tester

An instrument applicable to determine the scrub resistance.

Used In

  • By changing different abrasion heads, it can conform all testing standards for linear reciprocating abrasion, including wet abrasion scrub, sponge washability, scrub resistance, cleanability, dirt pickup resistance, MEK test, Rub test etc.


  • With double working channels, each channel is equipped with a separate container for scrub medium.
  • Operator can use two different type mediums to do two different tests, also can do wet abrasion and dry abrasion test at the same time.
  • Working speed can be set from 5-95 times/minutes.
  • Working distance can be set from 0-300mm.
  • Meet with different standards.
  • Push-rod design for reciprocating motion, thus working speed is more stable and more even and can get more reliable test results.
  • With peristaltic pump, operator can set and control precisely scrub medium flow.
  • Installing and dismantling test panels or replacing different abrasion heads is more convenient and faster.
  • All machine is made up of aluminum alloy, thus it is durable and has a longer service time.
  • Compatible for 110V/220V and 50HZ/60HZ.
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