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AMP 95

AMP 95 is a multi-functional additive for all types of latex emulsion paints. It is used as neutralizer and a co-dispersant.

Used In

  • Used as a powerful co-dispersant to prevent re-agglomeration of pigments, contribute significant benefits to overall performance of the coating.


  • Reduces dispersant demand and optimizes pigment dispersion
  • Reactive pigment stabilization
  • Reduce corrosion
  • pH stabilization
  • Improve thickener performance
  • Cost reduction
  • Eliminates need for ammonia, resulting in a lower odor paint
  • Improves color acceptance of shading pastes

Typical Properties

Neutral equivalent 93-97
Vapor pressure at 20°C 10.7 Pa
pH 11.3
Specific Gravity 0.942
Viscosity at 25°C 147 mPa