Plant Extract Customisation Service

We are happy to provide you service for plant extracts, thanks to dedicated Korean natural active ingredient supplier, TEN Co. We can deal with our customization for various plants/fruits extracts and ferment extracts to fit your unique requests. Our customizable plant extracts show non-irritation and high efficacy through high technology in extraction, purification and stabilization.

Customisable Areas

  • Level of active function
  • Lightness / Darkness of Color
  • Intensity of Odor
  • Solubility in Solvent
  • Appearance
  • Preservative System
  • Efficacy Test : in vivo, in vitro

To request for our service, please fill up the form below

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(Replacement: Substitute with ingredient of existing product
New Development: Develop ingredient for new product)

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(Basic Extract: Basic Function
Advanced Extract: Active Function)
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