Home Beauty and Care Lab

As part of its effort in life’s quality improvement and innovativeness, MahaChem have invested its time and resources in home, beauty and personal care application in past years. Along with the spirit in providing solutions rather than only selling products, MahaChem have also setup its regional CARE Lab in Serpong, Indonesia.

The presence of the Lab and our specialized team helps our clients, customers and partners by getting faster solutions of what they desired through innovative work and partnership. Emphasizing in prompt action to answer your needs, we determined to be the preferred partner.

There is a wide range of services that our lab can provide.

What We Do

Develop prototypes of Finished Product

By understanding the characteristics and specification of the finished product required, our chemist able to develop a few prototypes for customer evaluation to save their time trial and error. Prototypes we are currently providing:

  • Home care
  • Skin and body care
  • Hair care
  • Sun care
  • Decorative/make-up (together with our principal Lab)
  • Oral care (together with our principal Lab)

Formulation Design and Development

Creating your own cosmetics formulation might take a long time, we are able to support you in providing advice on the right ingredients to use and step by step procedure in formulating your ideas into finished products. Besides, we are able to help to review existing formulation in response to evolving needs in the market.

Accelerated Physical Stability Testing

Assessing physical stability of cosmetic formulations is typically a challenging and time-consuming task so we are willing to help our customers to conduct stability testing to help them launching new products faster. Color, odour, appearance, pH, viscosity etc will be tested under extreme conditions for a certain period to stimulate what will happen in normal storage/environment conditions.

Various Demand of Testing and Trials

By partnering with our principals, we are supporting our customers in various tests needed to launch a product, such as microbial challenge test and SPF Testing.

Technical and Regulatory Support

We provide technical support, either by conducting seminars, trainings either in ours or customer’s Lab, or even production scale up support to our customers.
We also share knowledge and trends from various part of the world into this region.

Our team and principals keep updates on regulatory changes, enabling us to support our customers to make sure if they are following up with the latest trends and are well prepared for the changes.



The speed of response that we have has attracted several customers to use our service. One of the achievements we had in early 2018 include the following:

  • An important regional customer has tied knot with us on an exclusive contract of seven formulations we develop for their needs, covering a series of face serum, eye serum, sleeping mask, face mist, facial wash, breast gel and feminine hygiene products.

For further information, please contact us here.