Construction Lab

MahaChem runs a Construction application lab, based in Malaysia, that can provide formulation and testing service for all cementitious, gypsum and epoxy flooring applications to customers who are lack of resources to do so.

We are committed to serve and help you by designing formulations that meet the efficacy that you require with the a group of specialists who can accelerate your product development process.

What We Do

Total Solid Content Test

Testing on total solids content such as suspended solids and dissolved salts can be provided through our application lab. This is useful in determining a sludge dry weight (expressed as a %).


Konig Test

We can conduct the evaluation of the hardness of your product in accordance with standards, which are based on the measurement of the damping of a pendulum oscillating on the product.


Water Immersion Test

We provide you an accurate, cost-efficient method for pinpointing a leak location-if the tested part is effectively sealed.



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