A Magical Beauty Beyond Nature

Philippines Personal Care Seminar September 2019

Seminar Abstract

Nowadays, consumers are turning to ‘greener’ alternatives when it comes to beauty and personal care products. They are demanding products that are Natural, Organic and Sustainable, which do not harm their skin, environment nor society.

In most of the times, marketing terms like Natural or Organic are loosely defined. In this seminar, we will highlight on ISO16128 standard, which provides guidelines on definition of natural and organic cosmetics ingredients. As part of our commitment to create natural, green and sustainable ingredients, our partner, Sino Lion, will share on their ingredients offering in accordance to ISO16128 criteria. These ingredients are made from green feed stocks and made by environmentally friendly process.

With the increasing demand of aging with beauty, peptides are getting popular. Peptides are building blocks which are present in our skin. With further understanding of natural signal system in our skin, topical ppm level of peptides can boost your skin’s beauty remarkably. Our partner, A&PEP, will share on their patented production technology which make peptides affordable in skin care products.

Consumers are continuously seeking out the safest and natural cosmetics due to their increasing health awareness. We hope this seminar will be able to help you ride on this trend!  This is also part of our mission to encourage the use of sustainable green and innovative chemistry to make our lives better, safer, healthier, greener and more beautiful.

Seminar Schedule

Time Content
08:30 Registration
09:00 Opening Speech
09:30 Market Update and Future Trend (MahaChem)
10:00 Coffee Break
10:30 Boosting Your Skin Natural Communicating System (A&PEP)
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Sustainable Beauty Innovation (Sinolion)
14:30 Live Engagement Part 1
15:00 Coffee Break
15:30 Live Engagement Part II
17:00 Lucky Draw/End

Speaker Background

Jun Wu

Dr Jun Wu received his Ph.D from Columbia University, Bachelor of Science and Master of Science from Tsinghua University.

Dr Wu works as Principle Scientist at Sino Lion USA. His responsibility includes design and development of green and natural surfactants, formulation and application of green surfactants in personal care, fabric care and household care products.

Dr Wu’s research interests have been focused on interface and colloid chemistry, especially on green surfactants and polymer/surfactant systems. Previously, he worked as CTO at Oilmate Energy Technology Ltd. and Postdoc researcher at Columbia University NSF Industry/University Cooperative Center for Particulate and Surfactant Systems. In 2015 the Greener Surfactant project, he was recognized by NSF with “Alexander Schwarzkopf” award. He also worked as Scientist and Project Manager at P&G Beijing Technical Center on fabric and household care product development.

Sang Moon Kang

Mr Sang-Moon Kang obtained his master degree in Biotechnology from Korea University Graduate School.

Mr Sang-Moon joined A&PEP since 2014. As a Director of Research, he is responsible for research on peptides, research planning and also national collaboration assignment. He has developed more than 10 patents products, published 3 SCI papers, and 2 presentations in International Federation of Societies of Cosmetics Chemists (IFSCC).

Before joining A&PEP, he has more than 10 years research experience on stem cells, microbiology, cosmetic materials etc in Seoul National University Hospital, Yonsei University, Biogenics and DaePyung.

Company Background

Sino Lion: a USA-China joint venture company, founded in 1993 in New York, strives to develop natural and sustainable ingredients technologies that are innovative and cost effective so that these technologies become the “Game Changer”, “Disrupter”, and/or “Enabler” for their wide use in personal care and home care applications. Sino Lion committed to create natural, green and sustainable ingredients for the betterment of both humans and environment.


A&PEP: a South Korean company, founded in 2001, specialized in peptide synthesis and solutions since spin off from Central Research of Hyundai Pharm Co., Ltd. A&PEP aims to be a beautiful companion of mankind, with their slogan “changing the world with human beauty”. A&PEP has designed over 30,000 different peptides and has developed a novel amino-protecting group, NSC-amino acid, which is currently protected as an international patent. This technology enables mass production of peptides which brings advantage in price competitiveness.

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September 5

08:30 – 17:00

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Citadines Millennium Ortigas
11 Ortigas Ave, San Juan, Metro Manila, Philippines

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