Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes: A New Era of Rubber and Plastic Materials Technology

MahaChem OCSiAl Plastics Rubber Seminar Philippines 2019

Seminar Abstract

The use of Single-walled Carbon Nanotube (SWCNT) has enabled fundamental changes in many industries. However, there have always been inevitable obstacles, as SWCNTs were only available in small quantities, extremely expensive prices, and quality that is yet to be verfied.

OCSIAl, the world’s largest manufacturer of SWCNT, makes nanotechnology applicable for many companies seeking commercially viable materials innovation – ushering in a new era of nano-augmented plastic and rubber materials. One of the OCSiAl’s product line, TUBALLTM, significantly improves mechanical strength & thermal and electrical conductivity of certain materials upon the addition of dosage level starting at 0.001%.

The seminar will highlight SWCNT, and its unique properties that enhance both plastic and rubber materials for various applications. Guest speakers from OCSiAl will share about success stories, latest developments, relevant issues, and tackle any technical inquiries and concerns regarding the nanomaterials. A physical display of commercialized products, already integrated with SWCNT, will also be made available for exhibition.

Seminar Schedule

Time Content
13:00 Registration
13:30 General Introduction of SWCNT
15:00 Coffee Break & Networking
15:30 SWCNT Application Rubber/Thermoplastic:

  • A New Era for the Plastics Industry
  • A New Era for the Rubber Industry
16:30 Global Success Stories from Various Industries’ Pioneer Experts
17:00 FAQ
17:30 End

Partner Background

OCSiAl: A Russian Company, which is the world’s leading manufacturer of Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes (SWCNT). It started in 2009 and is the first company developing breakthrough yet low-cost with unlimited scaling potential for the mass production of SWCNT, under the tradename called TUBALL™. Headquarter is in Luxembourg, total of over 350 employees, with its manufacturing plant in Russia and regional offices in USA, Russia, Korea, China, Hong Kong and India.

Philippines Rubber Industry Association (PRIA):  A non-profit organization that was formed on June 5, 1979. It serves as the representative of Philippines’s rubber industry representing various sectors from rubber farming to rubber product manufacturing.

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March 22

13:30 – 17:30

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ODC Room 1, Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP)
DAP Building, San Miguel Ave, Ortigas Center, Pasig, Metro Manila, Philippines

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