Seminar on “Unveil Nature’s Secrets : A Step to Innovation & Beauty”

Seminar on “Unveil Nature’s Secrets : A Step to Innovation & Beauty”

Unveil Nature’s Secrets : A Step to Innovation & Beauty

On 5th September 2018, PT. Maha Kimia Indonesia (MahaChem) co-organized a half day seminar with The Eternal Nature (T.E.N.) and A&PEP on “Unveil Nature’s Secrets : A Step to Innovation & Beauty” at Mercure Hotel Alam Sutera.

A total of 29 participants from 22 cosmetic manufacturers from Indonesia joined us.

Topics covered were:

  1. Decoding with hidden tricks of plants
  2. Boosting your skin natural communication system


T.E.N. shared their plant extracts with novel mechanism for active functions such as whitening, moisturising, and anti-inflammatory, while A&PEP shared the list of cost-effective peptides with whitening, anti-aging, and other functions.

Besides the seminar sessions, MahaChem hosted a ‘Mini Myeongdong’ session as well. This session is to show new cosmetics trends in Korea and how our suppliers’ products were commercialized in different Korean products. The use of those ingredients were demonstrated via our lab prototypes as well. Also MahaChem adopted online interactive platform to conduct Q&A session with customers.

Through this seminar, we managed to bring the awareness about the different plant extracts and peptide products that can improve the customers’ products. This is also part of our mission “Life Enriching Chemistry”, we aim to encourage the use of new innovative chemistry to make our lives better.

About MahaChem

Maha Chemicals Asia is one of the foremost brand name in the Specialty Chemicals Marketing and Distribution Industry in the Southeast Asian region. We provide a wide range of chemical solutions with a deep understanding of customers’ needs across industries, especially Surface Technology, Engineering Materials, Living Science and Industrial Solutions, in 10 countries. What we strongly aspire are the improvement in quality of lives and innovativeness. With these aspirations, we invest our time to transform the basic chemicals into substance of quality composition, to provide the high level of reliable service support, and to develop the great customer relationships.

About T.E.N.

T.E.N. Corporation is a rising Korean supplier of natural active ingredients for personal care products established in 2008. They are specialised in supplying high quality organic raw materials, natural ingredients and mask solutions. Its strength lies in strong base in Research & Development developing natural active ingredients to make plant extracts, bio-polymer, natural preservative systems, and ferment filtrate extracts. The company is also capable of formulating skin care products with own natural ingredients, and developing DDS system for skin. The aim of the company is to provide beauty of nature and to gain the trust and love of the consumers.

About A&PEP

A&PEP is a South Korean company, founded in 2001, specialized in peptide synthesis and solutions since spin off from Central Research of Hyundai Pharm Co., Ltd. A&PEP aims to be a beautiful companion of mankind, with their slogan “changing the world with human beauty”. A&PEP has designed over 30,000 different peptides and has developed a novel amino-protecting group, NSC-amino acid, which is currently protected as an international patent. This technology enables mass production of peptides which brings advantage in price competitiveness.