Seminar on “Durability Testing: Why do it the hard way if you can make it easy?”

Durability Testing: Why do it the hard way if you can make it easy?

Durability Testing: Why do it the hard way if you can make it easy?

On 20th September 2018, Maha Chemicals (MahaChem) co-organized a full day seminar with Universitas Indonesia (UI) Department of Metallurgy & Materials Engineering on “Durability Testing: Why do it the hard way if you can make it easy?” at Felfest UI Faculty Club with our partner, Q-Lab Corporation, and our representative host from UI, Department Head Professor, Dr. Herman.

A total of 64 participants from 37 companies from different industries such as coating, testing institutes etc joined us.

Topics covered were:

1. Fundamental of Weathering & Type of Accelerated Testing

2. ASTM D7869: Revolutionary Weathering Standard

3. Outdoor vs Indoor Weathering Comparison & Corrosion Testing

4. Corrosion Theory


Weathering causes millions of dollars of product damage every year. Damage includes colour change, gloss loss, strength loss, cracking, peeling, chalking, oxidation etc. The main causes of weathering are sunlight, high temperature and moisture, which are always present wherever the products are. Therefore, it is important to know the weatherability of your products, and Q-Lab solutions are the best to deal with this issue. Q-Lab weathering testers can help the technical staff or R&D staff to shorten their testing period with high rate of accuracy and repeatabiliity.

Seminar on “Durability Testing: Why do it the hard way if you can make it easy?”

We had Mr. Richard Kish, International Sales Manager of Q-Lab Corporation, and Dr. Ahmad Zakiyuddin, Association Proffesor of Universitas Indonesia School of Engineering, to be our speakers in this seminar to make these points clear to our customers.

Through this seminar, we aim to create awareness of this innovative solution and to provide an insight to improve our world by using the accelerated weathering tester, and this is also part of our mission “Life Enriching Chemistry”. And we aim to encourage the use of new innovative solution to make our lives better.

About Q-Lab

An American company, founded in 1956, also known as the world’s most trusted name in weathering, with head office, R&D and manufacturing facilities located in Ohio. They have sales and distribution facilities in Manchester, England, Saarbrucken, Germany and Shanghai. As a global provider of material durability testing products, Q-Lab designs and manufactures standard test substrates, as well as weathering, light stability, and corrosion testers for various industries. In addition, contract test services which include accelerated laboratory testing and outdoor exposure testing are available as well.

About DMME, Universitas Indonesia

Department of Metallurgy and Material Engineering offers curriculum from material forming processes, metallurgical and material design to material failure analysis, which are designed to meet industry specific needs. In 2001, the number of graduates of their undergraduate programme almost reached 2,000 who have found jobs in various government and private sectors such as automotive, manufacturing, heavy machinery, mining, oil and gas etc, in local and overseas.

About MahaChem

A Singapore -based company, founded in 1975, and one of the foremost brand name in the Specialty Chemicals Marketing and Distribution Industry in the Southeast Asian region. MahaChem provide a wide range of chemical solutions with a deep understanding of customers’ needs across industries, especially Surface Technology, Engineering Materials, Living Science and Industrial Solutions, in 10 countries. With the mission of Life-Enriching Chemistry, MahaChem believes that chemicals are the basic building block of our lives and through their brand value proposition, the noble purpose of making lives better, safer, healthier and greener can be accomplished.