Corporate Social Responsibility Seminar in Philippines

Corporate Social Responsibility Seminar in Philippines

Holistic Beauty: Transforming Life with Innovative Solutions

On 7th March 2018, as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility Program, Maha Chemicals organized a half day seminar on “Holistic Beauty: Transforming Life with Innovative Solutions” with collaboration with H Plant and KCI Limited, at Discovery Suites, Philippines.

A total of 30 participants from 17 companies joined us in our event.

Topics covered were:

  1. Unleash the Beautiful Gift of Himalayan to Human (by Mr Saroj, H Plant)
  2. Innovative Green Chemistry (by Mr Yong-Woon Kim & Mr Jung-Ho Park, KCI Limited)
  3. New Generation of Natural Preservatives and Whitening Agent (by Mr. Jin-Ki Hong, Maha Chemicals)


Societies today are facing significant social, environmental and economic development challenges. We believe in creating shared value; address society needs and these challenges by business itself and by sharing our knowledge and chemistry science to empower a generation of people with capability to produce competitiveness products and services that enrich and beautify our daily lives. We are honor to collaborate with H Plant to make a socially impactful contribution in helping Nepal community to fight against poverty indirectly through our network in SEA.

Himalayan has abundance of natural herbs and aromatic plants, in own endeavor for natural sourcing to provide gift of Himalayan to human, H Plant shared how they improve life of Nepal community by expanding business possibilities from the foot of the Himalayas to the jungles, by means of resource investigation and utilization. They help to lessen structural poverty of community by enhancing capabilities of local associations, and by bringing together isolated farmers through fair trades, exhibition and local branding to generate more income. Their herbs and essential oils are strictly under QA and QC control for use in personal care.

Besides, our partner, KCI Limited, shared how their innovative personal care ingredients can help to simplify the formulation and trial processes. Lastly, Mr. Jinki Hong shared the new generation of natural preservatives and whitening agent. This is our aim to encourage the use of sustainable green and innovative chemistry to make our lives better, safer, healthier, greener and more beautiful.

If interested to find more about the event and our products introduced, please contact us via email.

About H Plant

H Plant is a South Korea based social enterprise, established in Nepal by Good Neighbors International (GNI), to bring community development through income generation by promoting natural sourcing to unleash the economic potentiality of medicinal & aromatic plants from the high Himalayan, which believes to empower local farmers to attain better livelihood, whilst encouraging fair trade from contractors and cooperatives. H Plant fully supported in establishing the processing unit for value addition of wild herbs and to create rural employment opportunities. Besides, H Plant also actively collaborated with personal care manufacturers like LG, Breath. B International etc in R&D, production, QC and QA of essential oils and marketing of Himalayan herbal products. Up to date, H Plant has helped 10,000 rural people in Nepal to fight against poverty.

About KCI Limited

KCI Limited is a South Korea company, founded in 1985, one of the leading manufacturers of specialty chemicals for a wide range of personal care products. Through R&D innovation strategy, KCI provide world best quality and solution to meet customers’ needs. KCI is committed to improve environmental, social and ethical performance with the mission of improving quality life for people today and generation to come.