Make Maha Better (MMB) 2019 : Together, we create a wonder

Make Maha Better (MMB) 2019

During 15-18th January 2019, Maha Chemicals (MahaChem) had an annual conference, Make Maha Better (MMB) 2019, together with its branches in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

37 MahaChem members from 8 regional offices gathered to have internal discussions to improve MahaChem operations and businesses but also to attend technical sharing from our guest speaker.

The internal presentations and discussions enabled the members to know the performance and business status during 2018 and encouraged them to discuss on the ways by which MahaChem can be improved.

The biggest takeaways from MMB 2019 were:

  • Understanding about every regional office’s performance, progress and plan for 2019
  • Understanding about the management direction and strategic planning for 2019
  • Examination on MahaChem corporate culture and brainstorming on the possible improvements
  • Lessons learnt from the success story sharings of each regional office
  • Teambuilding and information exchange with colleagues from different regional offices

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About Make Maha Better (MMB)

MMB is an annual meeting for our colleagues from all region to meet up and exchange information/trends in their country and industry. Besides that, management share about the company direction so that everyone works toward the same goal, whereas the department heads update the progress of on-going projects and future planning to get the feedback from the participants. It is a good team building opportunity among our regional colleagues.