Mission and Vision


Enriching Lives through Innovative Solutions

We are in the business of providing life enriching chemistry to the industry we serve.

We believe that chemicals are the basic building block of our lives and through their brand value proposition, the noble purpose of making lives better, safer, healthier and greener can be accomplished.


Be the Preferred Partner for Chemical Solution

We regard all our stakeholders, especially our principals, customers, and employees, as our partners, and we want to build up the our brand name to be preferred over the other potential options.

We do not simply see our products as “chemicals,” but as “Solutions” that can bring values and solve the problems of our partners.

Corporate Strategy

Is to be the leading specialty chemical distributor in ASEAN by:

Customer Needs

Innovative Solutions

Digital Technology

Values & Promises


MahaChem values can be summarized to be ‘TRIP’: Team Spirit, Respectfulness, Integrity and Proactivity. These define how we interact with our external and internal partners during the process of delivering values.

Team Spirit

We joyfully combine our strength toward a common goal, and go beyond our call of duty to accomplish more.


We reverently recognize all contributions – big or small, and accept each other’s differences.


We consistently commit to high standard – ethical, environmental and social, and uphold our reputation for strength and sustainability.


We enthusiastically experiment with new and innovative ideas to create or add value, and take responsibility to get things done.


MahaChem are dedicated to keep the 2 sets of promises to our customers: Brand Promises and Service Promises.


We promise to do things differently and do different things by:

  1. Having a passion to perform and to be the first to bring new and innovative solutions into the marketplace
  2. Believing in active listening to our customers to creatively solve their everyday challenges and problems
  3. Reinventing ourselves every day and thinking big ideas for progress and advancement
  4. Delivering optimal performance results and achieving cost savings


We promise to be the wonder and to create ‘WOW’ moments by:

  1. Being timely in processing your orders
  2. Being respectful toward your private and confidential information
  3. Being innovative in offering you the best solutions
  4. Being prompt in responding to your enquiries and feedback
  5. Business Units