Arburg Additive Manufacturing In Medical Industries

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In this exclusive webinar, we will share with you how you can adopt Arburg’s freeformer unique additive manufacturing technology into the production of mass customised medical devices. We will begin with an overview of polymer additive manufacturing, moving on to topics such as Arburg’s additive manufacturing technologies and various medical device applications with relevant industry case studies.

What you will Discover?

– Overview on Polymer Additive Manufacturing
– Arburg’s unique Additive Manufacturing Technology
– Case Studies on Various Medical Device Application

About the Speaker

Yu De graduated from Nanyang Technological University with B.Hons in Materials Science and later a M.Sc in Mechanical Engineering with specialisation in Additive Manufacturing. He has worked in Additive Manufacturing field for 3 years. He has experience in a wide range of AM technologies from desktop-based Fused modelling deposition to industrial Additive Manufacturing systems like Arburg Freeformer. Yu De’s experience includes time in R&D on the development and optimization of Additive Manufacturing using cementitious material. He is currently a Field Application Engineer with Maha Chemicals, covering the development of 3D printing business from application service and technical service.