Adaption to Additive Manufacturing

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Webinar: Adaption of Additive Manufacturing Into Your Current Processes

On 7 August 2020, our Industrial Solutions team held a webinar on Adaptation of Additive Manufacturing with an aim to share our knowledge with all our partners, customers, suppliers and interested individuals with a passion in additive manufacturing, more commonly known as 3d printing.

During this webinar, our Field Engineer Specialist firstly gave an introduction and insight on the shift in the paradigm of modern manufacturing to industry 4.0. Going deeper, the differences and applications of open and close systems in the additive manufacturing sector were also discussed, coupled with the increasing benefits of additive manufacturing for businesses. Case studies were also brought upon to showcase how several businesses have adapted and integrated additive manufacturing technology into their current manufacturing process. Here are some highlights from the webinar conducted:

At the end of the webinar, time was open to the floor for questions and answer segment where both fellow participants and our team gathered insightful discussions and topics from one another. From there, we were able to suggest some of our best and featured 3D printers and process manufacturing solutions to business owners and directors, sharing our expertise with researchers from various industries on how Maha could support them in incorporating 3D printing into current processes.

Want to find out more about additive manufacturing in industrial processes or 3D printing solutions? Contact our professionals today at or to get a copy of our Industrial Solutions portfolio which comprises of comprehensive product features and useful links for your reference.

As Maha continues towards our mission of Enriching Lives with Innovative Solutions, this webinar has definitely brought forth a community of like-minded individuals in the spirit of #sharingknowledge of additive manufacturing and 3D printing technologies. Stay tuned to our latest webinars and market insights update through our social media pages – LinkedIn, FacebookYouTube and Instagram!