Product Distribution License

What is this service about?

MahaChem provides the product distribution licensing service whereby our partners can distribute their chemical products under the brand name of MahaChem® in our markets in Southeast Asia. MahaChem has the team of specialists who are ready to serve you to enjoy simplified and streamlined licensing activities.

What are the benefits of having MahaChem® brand trademark?

MahaChem® Brand is a registered trademark name of Maha Chemicals (Asia) Private Limited, a Singapore-based chemical distributor that offers a wide range of quality chemical solutions with the innovative value proposition, the reliable service support and the great customer service.

MahaChem has distinguished itself from the other players in the chemicals distribution industry in the following ways:

  • Widely Recognized and Distinctively Brand Name and Logo Design
  • Over 40 years of experience in Chemicals Solutions
  • Efficient Accounts & Inventory Management System(SAP Operation System)
  • Proven Distribution Channel and Global Network
  • Innovative Sales and Marketing
  • Responsive and Reliable workforce

It is a winning formula for success that is built on a foundation of training, support and a commitment to the profitability of our business opportunities.

Five Steps to become a MahaChem® Licensee

Complete the On-line Inquiry Form

Complete a simple Inquiry Form. The information will be reviewed and upon preliminary approval, you will be notified by our General Manager. This information will be kept strictly confidential. Click here to complete our preliminary online form.

Speak with our Business Director

A telephone interview with our Business Director will be arranged for the selected applicants. This is to help us discover your interest and capabilities in running a product distribution licensed business while answering any questions you may have at the same time.

Complete an MahaChem Product Distribution Licence Application and receive MahaChem Licence Letter of Undertaking

Shortlisted applicant will then be invited to complete a Product Distribution Licence and submitted to MahaChem’s Top Management for review. Successful applicants will then receive a copy of the Licence Letter of Undertaking (LLU). These documents contain valuable information to help you analyze our product distribution system, and answer most of the questions which you may still have.

Visit MahaChem and Obtain Approval

Our CEO or Managing Director will schedule a phone interview/ teleconference with you to discuss the LLU. She will walk you through the documents and answer all the questions you have. If you are satisfied with what we can offer, an appointment will be scheduled for you to visit our Head Office in Singapore. During this visit, you will get an in-depth introduction to the MahaChem brand, corporate profile, operation and training provided and more importantly, an opportunity to meet our Management and support team.Thereafter, we’ll evaluate your information, financial statements, credit forms and background information. Based on all these information, we will make the final decision whether or not to award a licence to you. A copy of the Licence Agreement will be sent to successful applicant.

Enter into a Licence Agreement and Prepare for Success

You will have up to 07 days to review and sign the Licence Agreement. Verification of your notarized agreements and payment of the licence fee (if any) need to be conducted prior to step five.

For more details about this service, feel free to contact our brand specialist: for inquiry or submit the request by clicking the button below and try the service now to do your business!