Private Labeling (OEM) Service

What is this service about?

MahaChem® provides Private Labeling (OEM) Service to customers who would like to have the sourcing from MahaChem under their own brand name. Customers can make use of this service to sell products according to their marketing and sales strategies.

How does this work?

Chemical plant against blue sky

Manufacture produce products for MAHACHEM without manufaturer’s label


Label the products according to Customer A’s labeling instruction and sell them to Customer A

Asian businessman and Asian secretary  working  inspecting on-line device in yard in container Cargo freight ship in shipyard for Logistic Import Export background

Customer A sell the products with their own label to their customers, protecting their market and having their own brand effect

For example, a coating Company A, who has customers wanted to buy 3-Component Water Based Polyurethane Concrete Flooring System but Company A does not produce this system. Company A can buy the system from MahaChem and request to label it with Company A’s label and sell it to the customers.

MahaChem can share its resources with you as a bridge to success!

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