Maha in a Nutshell

MahaChem was established in 1975 as K.C. Pte Ltd, a Paint Manufacturer. Over the years, as the second generation takes over the business, MahaChem has grown from a one-man operation to a chemical solutions provider with a workforce of over 100 experts and specialists in 16 offices from 10 countries all over Southeast Asia, driven to be the leading Chemical Distributor in Southeast Asian markets.


Maha Chemicals Asia Pte Ltd (Singapore)

MahaChem Headquarter is founded in Singapore. We have a coating lab with decent facilities here as well. Currently, the headquarter is based in Tuas region, Singapore.


Maha Chemicals Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia)

The first overseas expansion was made in Malaysia. MahaChem Malaysia is a spearhead of the company in terms of expanding industries. Our construction lab is based in this branch. The Malaysia branch is based in Kuala Lumpur.

Office Location
Construction Lab


Mahachem, Inc (Philippines)

MahaChem expanded to Philippines market. The Philippines branch is based in Manila.


Maha Chemicals (Thailand) Co., Ltd (Thailand)

MahaChem expanded to Thailand market. The Thai branch is based in Bangkok.

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Maha Chemicals Joint Stock Co. (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)

MahaChem expanded to Vietnam market for the first time. The first Vietnamese branch was established in Ho Chi Minh City.


Maha Asia (Pvt) Ltd (Sri Lanka)

MahaChem expanded to Sri Lanka market. The branch is the first to implement E-Commerce business model, Chem-Bay. The Sri Lanka branch is based in Colombo.

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PT Maha Kimia Indonesia (Jakarta, Indonesia)

MahaChem expanded to Indonesia market for the first time. Our Personal Care Lab is based here. The first Indonesian branch was established in Jakarta.


Yangon Representative Office (Myanmar)

MahaChem expanded to Myanmar market. The Myanmar branch is based in Yangon.

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Mahachem (Cambodia) Co., Ltd (Cambodia)

MahaChem expanded to Cambodia market. The Cambodia branch is based in Phnom Penh.


Mahachem Co., Ltd (Hanoi, Vietnam)

MahaChem further expanded its presence in Vietnam. The second expansion in Vietnam was made in Hanoi.

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PT Maha Kimia Indonesia (Surabaya, Indonesia)

MahaChem further expanded its presence in Indonesia. The second expansion in Indonesia was made in Surabaya.


Maha Chemicals (Asia) Pte Ltd (China)

MahaChem expanded to China market. Our Chinese office plays significant roles in innovative shipment, distribution, and sourcing services. The Chinese branch is based in Chengdu.

Office Location
China Shipment Consolidation
Private Labelling (OEM) Services